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My Carnival Day Out Playset

Dive into a world of excitement and adventure with My Carnival Day Out Playset.

Driving My Tractor (Barefoot Books)


My Carnival Day Out Playset features a variety of exciting rides and attractions, such as a rollercoaster, a Viking ship, and a merry-go-round. Children will embark on a thrilling day at the amusement park, experiencing all the excitement and adventure of a real carnival day out. That's not all - My Carnival Day Out Playset also includes a variety of food carts, so children can indulge in their favorite carnival treats, from ice cream, hotdogs and more! With so many fun activities to choose from, this playset is sure to provide hours of imaginative play and excitement for kids of all ages.


Product Dimensions: 220 x 215 mm

Page Count: 4 pages

Age Range: Ages 3+ years

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