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The Perfect Sushi

Miko learns that the most important element of a perfect present is not flawlessness, but rather the kokoro or heart that goes into it.

Harvest Days: Giving Thanks Around the World (Barefoot Books)


Miko likes things to be perfect. When she makes lopsided sushi for her grandmother’s birthday, she replaces it with perfectly formed sushi created by a restaurant robot. Upon delivering her gift, Miko discovers that kokoro (heart) – not impeccability – is the key ingredient to the perfect present. Sprinkled with engaging onomatopoeia, this unique title is infused with Japanese culture and delivers a universal message about the value of intention. A do-it-yourself sushi recipe is included.

Written by Emily Satoko Seo

Illustrated by Mique Moriuchi

Available Formats:

HARDCOVER (ISBN: 9781646868377)

PAPERBACK (ISBN: 9781646868384)


  • Product Dimensions: 216 x 272 mm

  • Page Count: 24 pages

  • Age Range: Ages 4 - 9 years

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